The John Schofield Trust offers all current and past mentees the chance to hear from the best in the news business on a range of subjects.

#JSTMasterclasses include practical sessions, deconstructing stories or explaining how a producer or reporter covered a particular kind of story as well as more topical debates about hot issues in the news industry.

Learning and development

Masterclass session with Sophia Smith-GalerWe had our first full day of masterclasses in February 2020 with sessions on how to shine at a job interview; how to find original stories and bring them to life on film; how a company reacts when it is the subject of a journalistic investigation; how to understand your finances as a journalist – whether staff or freelance; finishing up with a Q & A session with the Head of Sky News, John Ryley and Sky Special Reporter, Alex Crawford.

During the COVID-19 lockdown we introduced online masterclasses twice a month to keep mentees in touch with each other and across the issues being discussed in the industry.

Since March 2020 we have held these masterclasses:

  • First Draft’s Dr Claire Wardle on disinformation
  • BBC Video Journalist, Hannah Long-Higgins on video storytelling
  • Writer and broadcaster, Afua Hirsch on impartiality on stories you are close to
  • BBC Visual Journalist and TikTok creator, Sophia Smith Galer on finding and promoting stories on social media
  • JST trustee, Matt Peacock on what next for the business world after COVID-19
  • BBC Journalist, Helier Cheung on the first steps on the foreign reporting ladder
  • BBC Journalist and former mentee, Mohamed Madi on foreign producing in a COVID-19 world 
  • Author of Trauma Reporting: a Journalist’s Guide, Jo Healey on how to cover sensitive stories and trauma awareness
  • JST trustee, Dhruti Shah, on social newsgathering and storytelling