Sophia Smith Galer named in top 10 of TikTok’s Voices of Change

Photo of Sophia Smith Galer

Current mentee and BBC World Service journalist, Sophia, has been named as one of the top 10 ‘Voices of Change’ on the TikTok app. Sophia’s personal account has more than 142,000 followers and has received 3.1 million likes since her first video in November 2019.

Sophia says: ‘I’m very flattered. I have held TikTok to account several times this year in my reporting, all the while using it as a platform to newsgather and promote my stories on as well as my personal life.

‘Whether it’s just sharing my love of languages and music or using it directly to promote my journalism, my followers have been at the heart of everything I’ve done on there and their unending curiosity and enthusiasm for my work has made this year a real delight.’ Earlier this year, Sophia ran a popular masterclass for us on social media which you can read about here.