The Trust welcomes a new sponsor

Management agency Knight Ayton, which represents some of the biggest names in British television, has agreed to sponsor the John Schofield Trust newsletter. 

The Trust’s monthly newsletter shares news from our community and reaches some of the biggest names and most senior figures in broadcasting.

Sue Ayton, Founding Partner at Knight Ayton, said: ‘Our connection to news and current affairs is deep, far and wide, and goes way back over forty years. We have been privileged to work with many of the great journalists in broadcasting, and the John Schofield Trust is the perfect organisation for us to share knowledge and experience with the stars of the future.’

David Stenhouse, the Trust’s CEO, said: ‘We are delighted that Knight Ayton have chosen to support the work of the John Schofield Trust. It’s recognition that our mentees are the future of broadcasting.’

If you are interested in joining Knight Ayton in supporting the Trust, please get in contact: