Simon Vigar’s mentees tell us why he’s a top mentor, part 2

Completing our series of posts for Volunteers’ Week, we conclude with two of Simon Vigar’s mentees, Georgia Coan and Simon O’Leary, explaining how they have benefited from Simon’s commitment to the John Schofield Trust mentoring scheme.


Freelance broadcast journalist, Simon O’Leary, tells us that:  

‘Simon showed me so much support and kindness during my menteeship. He’s helped give me clarity when I’ve felt a little lost and was always on the end of the phone when I found myself in sticky situations. He’s also got heaps of connections in lots of newsrooms who he introduced me to.’  

Georgia Coan, Podcast Producer at BBC News, writes:  

‘Throughout my time on the John Schofield scheme, my mentor Simon Vigar was extremely supportive and offered some of the best advice I have received. I was in local radio at the time and didn’t know how to progress in my career so early on. He helped me to make some tough decisions when I was offered a staff job at local at the same time as a short-term role in network. He offered an ear whenever I needed his advice. He is so kind and has continued to offer guidance and send messages of encouragement, even though he is no longer my official mentor. I know I wouldn’t be where I am right now without Simon’s mentoring and I will always be grateful to have had him as my mentor so early on in my career.’ 

Thank you to Simon and to all our volunteers for making a difference in young and aspiring journalists’ lives. 

If you would like to volunteer for the John Schofield Trust, please get in touch with Cathy Farmer on  

You can see Simon Vigar talking about why he volunteers here