Shayma Bakht (2021) pens first undercover piece for The Times

Above: Shayma’s piece in The Times

2021 Fellow Shayma Bakht made her undercover debut in The Times on the weekend, with an investigation into cases of predators taking advantage of a scheme to house female Ukranian refugees.

Shayma posed online as ‘Natalya,’ a lone female seeking refuge in the UK. She was inundated with messages from British men with undertones of sexual exploitation. Her piece highlights the lack of safeguarding in a government scheme intended to house Ukrainians fleeing war. 

You can read the full piece here. 

In her role as reporter for The Times Shayma is also working on a data investigation into the harm caused by unconscious racism in dermatology, and an investigation into modern slavery at the Dubai Expo. Both pieces will come out later this month.