A project to streamline and re-cap each week’s news conversation

Sara Hemrajani

Multimedia Content Producer, Sara Hemrajani, was mentored by Five’s Simon Vigar on our 2016 mentoring scheme. Now based in Hong Kong, to amuse herself during lock-down, she launched a monthly newsletter, Deep Dive. Here she explains…

We’re living in the ‘infodemic’ era: the 24/7 news cycle is being amplified by social media platforms, mobile phone alerts and our constant thirst for fresh information.

Keeping track of breaking news and current affairs can be challenging at the best of times, but the Covid-19 crisis is generating even more headlines and confusion.

As a producer with nearly a decade’s worth of experience, I’ve learned how to put complex matters into context, interview high-profile personalities, and generally separate fact from fiction. Consequently, I consume a lot of content – from long-form features to podcasts to photography.

When the world was going into lockdown in April, I decided to apply my journalistic skills in a slightly different way by launching an independent weekly newsletter. The goal of Deep Dive is to give readers a recap of some of the week’s major stories as well as illustrate the competing narratives and commentary around certain issues. So instead of just relying on the big news organisations, I try to showcase strong reporting done by regional and start-up outlets, and include links to compelling political cartoons, tweets and video packages.

Another aspect of Deep Dive is the monthly Q&As with professionals in a variety of fields, whether it be a Michelin-starred chef or a commercial airline pilot. In August, I’ll be speaking to a barrister about the impact of the pandemic on the English legal system.

Finally, since I’m based in Hong Kong, I wanted to bring greater attention to Asian geopolitics and culture. I’ve been lucky enough to gain a better perspective on Asia-Pacific from covering local Hong Kong politics and regional stories – quite often this means deciphering statements from China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Hopefully, readers will continue to enjoy the mix of news content curation, global media review and original insights.

You can sign-up for Deep Dive here.