Sabah Choudhry (2021) presents unfiltered report for Sky News

Photo of Sabah Choudry

2021 mentee Sabah Choudhry has just produced her first report for Sky News.

Sabah tells us, ‘I recently did my first TV report for Sky News, looking at the impact of social media filters on women’s mental health and body image.

‘I interviewed businesswoman and blogger Huda Kattan – owner of the billion-dollar brand Huda Beauty – who is calling on the public, brands and influencers to be more transparent when they use filters or edit pictures online.

‘She’s “had enough” of society’s unattainable beauty standards and wants more honesty.

‘A huge thanks and big ups to my mentor Tessa Chapman for her support and encouraging words along the way!’

Congratulations to Sabah – you can watch her fascinating report below: