RTS winner Noel Phillips to be mentored by Alex Thomson of C4 News

Noel Phillips - GMB Correspondent, North America
Noel is North American correspondent of Good Morning Britain

Noel Phillips, this year’s RTS Young Talent of the Year Award winner, will be mentored by Alex Thomson of Channel 4 News.

Winners of the RTS Television Journalism Awards, which the Trust sponsors, are given the opportunity to receive mentoring through the Trust’s programmes.

Noel is currently North American Correspondent for Good Morning Britain. He covers breaking news stories and oversees the news-gathering operation for the programme from New York. On the role, Noel says:

“As of right now, I’m the youngest foreign correspondent in the UK and one of the only black foreign correspondents working for a major news organisation. When you put it into context like that it’s quite a heavyweight on one’s shoulders; hopefully people see that I look like them and are inspired and maybe want to try and follow in my footsteps.”

Alex Thomson
Picture for Channel 4 News by Philip Hollis

Alex, who is already a Senior Fellow of the Trust, is the longest-running on-screen journalist and Chief Correspondent at Channel 4 news. In his career with the broadcaster he has covered more than 20 wars, received BAFTA, Emmy and RTS awards, and contributed significantly to public inquiries and campaigns with his journalism. He now specialises in climate change coverage.

On the Senior Fellow role with the Trust, Alex says: “Mentoring’s always been enormously enriching. I stupidly thought I would be mentoring someone else but of course they ended up mentoring me just as much. A real two-way street.”

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