Rosie McCabe (2023) joins the BBC

Rosie, a Fellow on this year’s early career scheme, started a new role with the BBC in May.

She has left her role as journalist and producer at the New Arab to join the BBC as a journalist in their Digital Text Formats team.

The position focuses on how people consume news and how to innovate new ways to tell stories for diverse and growing digital audiences. This means thinking about the ways in which digital journalism offers unique, accessible and impactful content.

Rosie is delighted with the opportunity, saying: “It is incredibly exciting to join an organisation with such a fantastic worldwide reputation and to be a part of important conversations about how news is adapting and will adapt in a digitalised media landscape.

This is an exciting next step, and I am especially thankful to my mentor Ian Pannell who provided me with lots of needed advice as well as pep talks.”

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