Perisha Kudhail (2023) investigates for ‘More or Less’

Perisha, a Fellow on this year’s scheme, worked on an item for BBC Radio 4. It appeared on the show More or Less.

The programme interrogates and explains the numbers behind the news and life in general. Perisha investigated the claim that 29,000 coffee pods end up in landfill every minute – amounting to 15 billion per year. She reported and produced this week’s programme and dove into the truth behind the claim, following its thread back to the source via news reports and academic experts. Following initial broadcast, the programme was also aired on BBC World Service.

Perisha told us, “I really enjoyed working and reporting on this week’s programme, it was a chance for me to delve into the numbers for such a renowned journalism programme. I saw the item through from start to finish!”

Listen to the item here. Follow updates from Perisha here.