Nicola Keaney  moves to Twitter

Nicola Keaney

Nicola, one of our mentees turned mentors, has left ITN to move to Twitter. 

She writes: ‘Twitter has launched a new global Trends Health team and I’m leading the UK team. We sit within Editorial Curation and use investigatory skills rooted in journalism to answer the question: “Why is that trending?” Our mission aims to increase healthy participation in the public conversation by accelerating the speed and scale of curated content on trending topics.  

‘It’s been a great move for me and allows me to incorporate everything I learnt in newsrooms as well as utilise the breaking news tech skills I honed at Dataminr. I’m hoping my new role will give me further insights to share with my JST mentee as the crossover between big tech and journalism continues to strengthen.’

Nicola was a mentee on our 2016 mentoring scheme for early career journalists and was mentored by Channel 4 News’ senior foreign affairs producer, Dani Isdale. This year, Nicola has returned to the Trust as a mentor for the first time and is mentoring Ashni Lakhani, a digital journalist and producer for BBC News.