Nabihah Parkar (2021) hosts hit Ramadan explainer

Nabihah Parker Ramadan explainer

Nabihah Parkar (2021) has hosted a Ramadan explainer, which has broken records at the BBC.

Nabihah’s Ramadan digital content has been published across BBC platforms this month.

She created a short-form Instagram Reel addressing some of the most commonly asked questions Muslims get asked about the Islamic month of fasting.

Nabihah’s Reel has reached almost 100,000 views – a record for the BBC Minute account.

She also hosted an Instagram Live to mark the start of Ramadan, with guests from as far away as Norway,  Canada, and Qatar.

Meanwhile, Nabihah’s online text explainer for the BBC News website has reached over 320,000 views at the time of writing, and aims to answer some of the most Googled questions people had about this special month.