Meghan Owen (2021) to start new role at BBC Channel Island News

Meghan Owen

2021 Fellow Meghan Owen is starting a new role as a Senior Reporter for BBC Channel Islands News in February, based in Guernsey

As part of the role she’ll be self-shooting VTs across the island, and working on original stories. She has a particular interest in covering issues facing women and aims to give voice to those who are rarely heard. The new role will also involve regular lives in the studio and on location. 

Meghan said, “I’m thrilled to take on a brand new challenge in a beautiful corner of the world full of unique stories. Whilst it’s a little daunting to move alone to an island during a global pandemic, I am fascinated by the idea of trying a new lifestyle, meeting new people, and discovering hidden gems of stories. Here’s to the next chapter of swapping London for remote island life!’