Laura Alderman (2021) promoted to Political Reporter for STV

Mentee Laura Alderman

2021 mentee Laura Alderman is taking up the role of Political Reporter for STV News.

It’s a pivotal and exciting time in Scottish politics, with the Scottish Parliament election scheduled for 6 May, the prospect of another referendum on Scottish independence, and Alex Salmond’s new Alba Party standing for election for the first time. The results could shape not just Scotland’s future, but the future of the Union itself.

Laura is excited to get stuck into this role against this tumultuous backdrop.

She’ll be taking the stories out of Holyrood and meeting the people that Parliament’s policies impact. And she’ll be starting the role in the middle of an election, so should be kept busy!

Laura says, ‘Throughout the pandemic, I have focused on the crisis in Scotland’s care homes, and people will continue to be at the heart of her stories moving forward.’

We wish her best of luck in her new role!