#JSTmasterclass: the anatomy of a story

Purple graphic with photos of (L-R) Fransoy Hewitt, Sarah O'Connell, Imogen Barrer and Daniel Hewitt. In the top left is #JSTmasterclass and in the bottom right is the Trust logo.

How do you put a story together? And what happens when that story suddenly becomes bigger than the initial piece?

Join our guests Fransoy Hewitt, Sarah O’Connell, Imogen Barrer and Daniel Hewitt as they discuss the anatomy of a story and take a detailed look at ITN’s unique coverage of the scandalous state of some housing in the UK triggered by pictures of appalling conditions in flats and homes in South London.

We’ll follow the process from start to finish including hearing from the Croydon resident whose experience set the whole thing off, the producer who uncovered the story, and ITN’s reporter and editor who brought it to air and turned it into a national campaign.

Date and time: Tuesday 20 July at 19:00 BST