JST champion and mentor Sean Dilley appointed lead on BBC’s Reframing Disability project

Sean Dilley in BBC Newsroom

Sean Dilley, one of the John Schofield Trust’s champions and current mentor, has been appointed lead on the BBC’s Reframing Disability project. 

The project, which is a partnership between BBC’s 50:50 Project and the Media Trust, works on increasing the representation of disabled contributors in media content.

As lead, Sean will oversee the initiative alongside his ‘day job’ as a senior journalist and correspondent for BBC News.

Sean has previously reported for Panorama, and prior to joining the BBC, Sean was a reporter for Sky News, and Political Editor at TalkSPORT radio and spent seven years working in Parliament as a lobby journalist.

In March, Sean’s post about whether his dog Sammy would remember his route after lockdown went viral and has gathered 36.9k views.

Watch Sean’s report and Sammy’s route below: