Gareth Shoulder (2021) drug legalisation documentary hits 500k views

Gareth Shoulder

2021 Fellow Gareth Shoulder, Senior Videographer at JOE Media, wrote, directed and edited the popular documentary which focuses on drug decriminalisation in Portugal.   

Gareth’s documentary debates the efficacy of an alternative drug policy. It covers the shift in Portugal’s drug death rates, formerly equivalent to Scotland in number and today amongst the lowest in the EU; and investigates why other countries aren’t replicating this seemingly successful policy change. The film achieved a viewership of over half a million across all JOE platforms. Watch it in full here. 

The team at JOE are at the forefront of cutting-edge investigations and short form documentaries. Their nomination for Editorial Team of the Year at the DRUM Media Awards 2022 credits Gareth‘s film about male death in Scotland. The winners will be announced later this month.