Gareth Shoulder  moves to JOE Media

Gareth Shoulder joins JOE Media

Congratulations to Gareth who moves to JOE Media. Gareth, who is on this year’s mentoring scheme for early career journalists, writes:

Gareth Shoulder shooting‘I’m excited to announce I’m  JOE Media‘s latest transfer signing ahead of the 21/22 tax season. I’ll be joining an already excellent squad and coming in and fulfilling their senior videographer position. 
‘With my production skills and digital experience it’s a great opportunity to stretch my legs, interesting to see if they use me as an exciting flare player, like Bale, or perhaps I’ll be putting my body on the line to meticulously manage the engine room like Wales’ Pirlo Joe Allen. 
Either way, it’s great to be joining an amazing forward thinking male-centric brand that produces engaging digital first content and boasts 13M followers across all platforms!’

Gareth’s John Schofield Trust mentor is digital consultant, Roopa Suchak, who works with the BBC World Service.