Frankie McCamley works with BBC Media Action to train journalists

Frankie McCamley

Frankie McCamley's report for BBC Media ActionFrankie McCamley, aside from reporting and presenting, has been working with BBC Media Action  to train journalists around the world. 

She writes: ‘The aim has been to help them become independent and impartial which is essential to democracy and development.

‘My latest project has been to help transform an afternoon show in Ukraine to attract younger audiences, boost ratings and re-focus their structure and content.

‘I have been told my report is so comprehensive it’s now going to the head of the whole station. It feels so rewarding, after many lows in the last year and self doubts. I didn’t realise my knowledge and experience could make such a difference.’

Frankie was a mentee on our 2015 early career mentoring scheme and was mentored by Sky News’ presenter, Jayne Secker.