Ellis Palmer Babe reports from Barcelona

Ellis interviews Esther Niubo of the Socialist Party of Catalonia

Ellis Palmer Babe (2022) has been reporting for the BBC from Catalonia on the fifth anniversary of the constitutional stand-off between the Catalan and Spanish Governments.

Ellis said “It was a privilege to be able to get to make my first package for the BBC World Service and Radio 4. To be able to get to do it on my specialism, Catalan politics and nationalism, which I have a Masters in, was fantastic as well!

I got to go to the region’s Parliament, meet MPs, activists and journalists from all stripes, and use both my linguistic and journalistic capabilities to make what I hope is a decent bit of content.”

“Having Matthew Price as a mentor inspired me to put myself forwards for this kind of project and he was instrumental in encouraging me to go for it.”

Ellis’ piece was first broadcast on NewsHour on the BBC World Service on 27 October (2100 until 2200 in the UK). Listen to the programme here.