Elle Farrell-Kingsley (2023) engages with policy makers and EU science initiatives

Elle Farrell-Kingsley (2023), a technology and policy journalist has been speaking to politicians and policy-makers recently in both the UK and EU. 

Elle recently embarked on a journey that intertwined her expertise with the worlds of technology and policy. In September, she engaged in a two-week stint within the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, where she presented a briefing and presentation titled “AI and Innovation: A Threat to Commonwealth Security, Democracy, and Women’s Safety”. Her mission was to educate policymakers, decision-makers and lawmakers about the multifaceted threats technology and innovation pose to democracy and politics. During this same period, Elle witnessed a pivotal moment in the House of Lords as the Online Safety Bill passed. Elle was involved in influencing a range of discussions, including the danger of deepfakes, the intricate landscape of the online safety bill, the ramifications of emerging technology on national defence, and the exploration of emerging technologies within the global political arena.

Elle has also been invited to share her technology journalism expertise at the European Commission, where she will discuss the broader ethical and policy implications of the adoption of AI. She told us, “I must emphasise how rewarding all these opportunities have been, allowing me to blend my background as a journalist, hands-on experience with AI and technology, and my understanding of policy-making for future generations. This demonstrates that sometimes the role of a journalist can be non-linear, illustrating how journalism can also guide people along an unconventional path outside of the newsroom!”