Chanise (2022) works on BBC Young Reporter Competition

Photo of Chanise Evans

2022 Fellow Chanise Evans is working on the BBC Young Reporter Competition

The competition invites young people aged 11-18 from across the UK to submit a story idea and work with the BBC to turn that idea into a reality.

Stories will be considered on editorial merit, based on the strength of the idea, originality, and the judges will be looking for a range of diverse stories from across the UK.

Chanise’s role is to go through some of the entries and get to know the stories and young people’s ideas in more detail.

She says “Once the winners have been decided by the judges who are drawn from editors and talent  across the BBC, I work with some of the young people on their winning ideas to make them into a report. The stories can be broadcast on TV, radio, online and digital, so it’s very exciting seeing which programme wants to commission what story.

“Being able to help young people develop their own story ideas for broadcast in a way that is authentic to them is something I’m really passionate about. Working on the BBC Young Reporter Competition is one of my favourite projects as it allows young people to gain an insight into working in the media industry.”

The closing date is Sunday 27 March 2022 and the winners will be announced in June 2022.

Story ideas can be written, or uploaded as video or audio and are shortlisted in two age groups: 11-15 and 16-18 years old. Entries can also be submitted in Welsh

More information about how to enter is here and details about the award are here.