Ayshah Tull wins four awards in 2020! 

Ayshah Tull

Former mentee, current champion and Channel 4 reporter, Ayshah, rounds off her award-winning year with a fourth trophy! In addition to two Online Drum Media Awards (the Grand Prix and Journalist of the Year award) which Ayshah won earlier in the spring, she has now bagged the Excellence in Media Baton Award and Sense’s Journalism award

Ayshah says: ‘It’s been such a crazy year, it feels odd to take comfort in being recognised, but I’m happy that people have seen how hard I and our wonderful team at Channel 4 News have been working.

‘With the big stories I’ve been working on from COVID-19 to Black Lives Matter and the US elections it feels like we’ve had all the news come at once. This would not be at all possible without the team of wonderful producers, cameras and editors who’ve gone above and beyond this year, I’m so grateful. And thank you to my forever mentor Lucy who has been cheering me on all the way.’