A new role for Hedi!

Photo of Hedi Mehrez

Current mentee Hedi Mehrez is set to become Reach plc’s first ever race reporter.

Hedi is leaving the Swindon Advertiser at the end of this week after nearly what he describes as ‘three incredible years’. He describes the new role as ‘truly my dream job!’

Hedi will be reporting on issues affecting underrepresented communities across the South East of England.

He says, ‘The lack of representation in newsrooms is an ongoing issue in this country which subsequently has a profound effect on today’s media. Being Reach Plc’s first ever dedicated race reporter is the perfect opportunity for me to engage with local minority communities and amplify their voices by telling their stories in many different ways.

‘I am honoured to be part of the change and I am really looking forward to getting started and working with the brilliant team of writers covering sites including MyLondon, KentLive, EssexLive and more.

‘And a big thank you to my mentor Sarah Beale who’s been really supportive!’

Congratulations and good luck, Hedi!