A new mentoring year gets underway

Our 2019-20 mentoring year began with a welcome reception for all our new mentees and mentors. It was fantastic to welcome back the outgoing 2018-19 cohort and hear how well their mentoring had gone and to pass on some top tips to the incoming group. New mentees were encouraged to drive the mentoring process and to speak up as to where they want help from their mentor. 

Mentees this year come from all the major broadcasters and are based across the UK. Our mentors include, Jess Bulman, Tessa Chapman and Simon Vigar from C5News; Mike Kumar, Steve Sidebottom,  Tom Rayner and Katerina Vittozzi from Sky News; from the BBC Tim Smith, Eileen Murphy, Simon Wilson, Bernadette Kitterick, David Mackie, Mark Daly, Chris Morris, Chris Mason, Martha Kearney, Paula McGrath, Stewart Mcclean and Melanie Fanstone; Chris Cook, from Tortoise Media; Gareth Deighan, Rohit Kachroo, Nina Nannar,  Andrew Dagnell and Matt Brindley; Alex Watson from ITV Tyne Tees and Vicki Hawthorne, UTV reporter; Ian Sherwood from NBC News; Jonathan Rugman, Roohi Hasan and Sarah Beale from C4News;  Nina Dos Santos, CNN correspondent and presenter; Jessica Alavi-Eliis from Reuters, and one of our trustees, Nick Pollard. 

You can see more pictures from our reception here