Lora Jones (2020) hits the New York business beat

A photo of Laura Hudson with the Hudson River in the background

2020 mentee Lora Jones has left on a jet plane for New York, New York!

Lora is halfway through a placement covering business and economics news until the end of July, and describes the experience so far as ‘exhilarating’.

‘During my first couple of days on-shift, we saw the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack take place, Bitcoin at record highs and companies start to offer incentives for coronavirus vaccines. It definitely hasn’t quietened down since!

‘Being on the ground in the city has also meant it’s a lot easier to connect with businesses based here as the economy reopens – which I’m trying to make the most of.’

Her reports so far have included dating app Bumble enforcing a week of holiday for burnt-out staff, an interview with the Chief Executive of the retail chain Foot Locker, as well as analysis of the jobs market for young people during the pandemic.

‘I’ve really been enjoying pushing myself in this new environment – writing, shooting and editing for TV, radio and online.

‘I even did my first ever two-ways in Welsh for BBC Radio Cymru from a radio studio just overlooking the Hudson – which was quite an experience!’

‘I hope that the pieces I’ve been working on have been engaging for younger, different audiences – and help demystify US business and economics news,’ she adds.

And in her last few weeks, she’s looking forward to making the most of everything outside of the office too.

‘This really has been a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and it’s flown by already. I’m looking forward to being in the US for the 4th July, and taking everything the city has to offer in… Mainly the food!’